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Summer Road Trip Essentials

Road tripping is one of our favorite things to do but it can be such a pain to pack your bags. We typically bring a variety of clothing, gear, and accessories in order to enjoy outdoor activities such as hiking, as well as our explorations in the urban city life. This comprehensive guide will help you pick and choose your summer road trip essentials for your next epic adventure!

Overall Packing

Clothing: Because the average temperature in many areas of the U.S. fluctuates quite frequently based on location and elevation we always pack a variety of clothing options solely depending on our trip stops.

summer road trip essentials

Outdoor Apparel

Shirts: Wicking and layers are important. We each brought a variety of tank tops, short sleeve shirts, long sleeve shirts, and lightweight layering jackets.

Shorts: For us, athletic shorts that have breathable material are excellent for comfort while hiking and walking.

Pants: I was recently introduced to Kyodan‘s yoga leggings and right after bought four more pairs. They’re comparable to Lululemon but for a fraction of the cost ($20 versus $85+).

Socks: We’re a big fan of Thorlo socks because they help provide lasting comfort in any activity and help prevent blisters. Regardless of the brand, make sure you have thick socks that prevent rubbing.

Hiking Shoes: Our main pair of shoes for hiking are from Merrell but they wouldn’t be complete without our Superfeet insoles (we use orange and carbon). Read more about great travel shoes.

Rain Jacket: Having a QUALITY rain jacket is absolutely a necessity. We really like our Columbia waterproof rain jackets. KEYWORD: WATERPROOF… Not just resistant. How do you know if it’s waterproof? These jackets are seam sealed and zipper sealed which prevents water leaking through the stitching in the material or your zipper. It also is typically disclosed online or on the tag.

Over the years we both became pretty obsessed with wearing trucker hats in the summer while hiking. They’re more breezy than a regular baseball cap, fit a little lower and looser, and protect your face from the sun.

Evening/City Apparel


I’m not gonna lie. I really pride myself on being a light packer but there are times that I go overboard when packing day time and evening apparel. Ladies, here is what I would suggest for your summer city or evening apparel! 

Rompers: Ah yes, probably my favorite article of clothing for many reasons. You don’t have to worry about the wind picking up, they’re extremely comfortable, and you can effortlessly put together an outfit because there are no separates. Slip on and go! (2)

Dresses: Three words: loose cotton dresses. You can dress them up or be casual chic and they don’t wrinkle easily. (2)

Pants: Even if you are visiting a particular U.S. destination in the summer the nights could get cool – check out the evening weather before you go! I brought a favorite pair of black jeggings because they’re comfortable and can easily be dressed up if necessary. (1)

Shorts: I love cotton shorts as well as high waisted denim shorts as they can go with a variety of outfits. (2-3 pairs)

Shirts: Loose cotton basic tees or loose tank tops are my go to along with a lightweight sweater for the cool nights. (2 shirts, 1 sweater)

Shoes: I sometimes wear wedges or heels when out in a city but more often than not you’ll find me in a pair of sandals or comfortable, chic tennis shoes.

Bralettes: I’m a big believer in feminine, lacy bralettes. They’re supportive but have the comfort of a sports bra which is downright awesome.

Jewelry: I’m a jewelry girl, hands down. Some traveler’s might think I’m crazy by even bringing any jewelry but I love accessories. However I refuse to wear jewelry when I’m hiking or doing other outdoor activities instead I wear my silicone ring from ROAM. Typically I bring a favorite (or two) delicate necklace(s), a watch, bracelet, and one pair of dangle and stud earrings. What’s key? Simplicity.

Guys, you peeps are easy. Logan is pretty minimalistic when it comes to packing as well and brought a variety of clothing items for evening wear/casual days. Again, like my clothing options, wicking and layers are important here too, maybe one day he will write about the worst chafe he ever had, but then again… maybe he won’t now that he has this secret weapon.

Shorts: Cotton shorts or shorts that have a little bit of spandex or lycra have become a popular option for summertime because they are breathable. (3-4 pairs)

Shirts: Loose cotton tees such as these are comfortable and easy to wash. For semi-nicer restaurants or places packing a collared polo is an easy fix. (3-4)

Shoes: A comfortable and versatile pair of tennis shoes are a must for everyday wear.


Bug SpraySome places you won’t see a bug all day, others you’ll be swatting at mosquitos. We kept a bottle of bug spray on us or near us at all times! Any bug spray will do, but make sure it has a larger percentage of DEET (the active ingredient that deters bugs from swarming your ankles).

Lip Balm & Lotion Air is refreshing but without some chapstick and heavy duty lotion, your body could start to turn into a reptile, especially when in areas with high altitude.

Makeup:  Curious as to what makeup I bring along with me on my travels? Check out this guide! While I don’t typically bring everything on this list depending on the type of travel I’m doing (camping and hiking, makeup? NO!), I do enjoy getting a bit dolled up when dining out, strolling around a city, etc.

Sunscreen: Even with an overcast it’s important to wear sunscreen, even if you think you won’t need it. I can feel my mom smiling as she reads this.

SunglassesI mean, you can’t go anywhere without sunnies right? We brought two pairs each just in case one broke or decided to go MIA.

HeadlampGoing to explore in some caves? No? Well you might want to bring a headlamp for another purpose camping or hiking. A headlamp is extremely useful in many situations.

Laundry DetergentDepending on how long we’re going to be road tripping we sometimes will bring a small bottle of detergent to wash our clothes, especially if we are staying in a place for a few nights. Not only does this help you pack less, it will also cut the cost of paying to have your clothes laundered by a hotel. While your at it, picking up this tiny travel clothesline is helpful too!

Other Items

Packing Cubes: We use these to organize our clothing, handy first aid kit,  and any other equipment effectively. They’re seriously a lifesaver!

FullSizeRender 26

YETI 45LWe LOVE our YETI cooler. Our main reason? It keeps ice in for days and technically became our own personal mini fridge. During our time on any road trip we kept tons of water, sandwich supplies, and other snacks ready inside.

Photography/Technology Equipment

This may not apply to you unless you are looking to take some epic photos. Trust me, there are plenty of opportunities to do so around the good ol’ US of A! However, you may find a new gadget you’ve been wondering about below.


GoPro Hero3 & GoPro Hero4 SilverWe bought our Hero 3 three years ago and our Hero 4 earlier this year. We love having both cameras to be able to use them for varying footage, action shots, and now we both get to keep one on us.
We have a variety of accessories that we purchased for our GoPro that we love.  Check out this post to read about them!

Crumpler small soft camera case: The Crumpler case allows us to keep the camera and accessories together, while providing extra protection without sacrificing space.

Camera: To us, right now the Sony A6000 has it all, it’s compact, user friendly, and takes great quality photos when using the right settings. We also have the 55-210mm lens, which allows us to take pictures of subjects a little further away while still fitting in our Crumpler.
Other accessories we included: extra batteries, external charger, lens filters, PNY professional SD cards, and a Hufa lens cap holder.

Apple iPad (128GB) & MacBook Air (13″): Having both used a PC for many years we gradually made the switch over to Apple products. We also enjoy using our iPads whenever on the go!

Lumsing PowerbankBeing in the mountains our cell phones were always losing a signal, thus our battery life wasn’t great. We use two of these Lumsing powerbanks to keep our phones charges and to charge our camera batteries on the go.

Lumsing Quick Charge 5 Port Charger: Any time we’re traveling we always seem to run into the same problem, there is never enough outlets to charge all of our devices. With this Lumsing charger we are able to charge up to five devices quickly and only use one outlet!

Going hiking? Prepare with a daypack.

Camelbak Antidote water reservoir: Dehydration and/or altitude sickness can be a REAL struggle if you aren’t prepared for it. While carrying multiple water bottles isn’t horrible, having a water reservoir is much more effective.

Also recommended to help keep altitude sickness at bay:

  • Dramamine: commonly used for motion sickness
  • Ibuprofen: helpful for pain, inflammation and fever
  • SNACKS (see below↓)


  • Tortillas:  We used these bad boys on the daily for making breakfast wraps or lunch wraps
  • Peanut Butter:  Those little JIF to-go-packs are the bomb!
  • Cheese:  Sliced cheese is perfect for a quick snack or to add to a wrap! (We keep it in our YETI cooler)
  • Protein Bars:  Awesome for keeping your energy up while on the trail.

A few of our favorites are:

Clif Crunchy Peanut Butter
Power Crunch Salted Caramel, Peanut Butter Creme, & French Vanilla
Quest Nutrition Cookies & Creme & Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

  • Jerky:  Quick protein, easy to carry, this is one of Logan’s favorites when we’re traveling
  • Dried Fruit: A few of our favorites are mango, apples, pineapple, raisins, and cranberries
  • Trail Mix:  We always make our own by combine our favorite nuts, chocolate, fruit, etc.

S-biners/Nite-Ize: Carabiners might be designed for climbing, but these lockable ones come in really handy when attaching items to our bags and accessories.

Dry Bags: In the mountains or certain states it rains at least one time every day. Having a dry bag in our backpacks was an essential to save our electronics and photography equipment. Not to mention, when we went kayaking in Estes Park we could take our wallets, keys, and phones in a dry bag.

First Aid Kit: Having a well-organized and useful first aid kit is necessary when hiking, traveling, and much more. Read more about what we include in our first aid kit and how to  DIY your own first aid kit.

Vehicle Supplies

Jumper Cables: Because you just never know when your battery could decide to go kaputt

Basic Toolkit: Handy for quick fixes or repairs. 

Pressure Gauge: Check the air pressure in your tires before any road trip and after traveling long distances! This will help with gas mileage and could even save you from a flat tire.

Flashlight + Extra Batteries: Super handy if you lose your phone, keys, or other items into the great abyss between the seats but also great to have in case of a flat tire at night or other emergency.

Tire Jack: Check to make sure you have one in your car.

Car Charger: It’s not easy to navigate with Siri if your phone is dead right?

AAA Membership: While this might not be a necessity for some, it definitely can come in handy. We’ve used them for flat tires, towing, and much more. It’s not a bad thing to be too prepared. You can also get some great discounts by having a membership.

Driver’s License, Registration & Insurance Information: A big duh, but we’ve forgotten these before! Keep these items in a place you can easily find them and bonus points if you keep a copy of your insurance in your wallet!

Check these before you go!


Wiper Fluid

Air Pressure in Tires


Wiper Blades

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While we don’t pack ALL of this every time we’re headed off for a road trip we hope this comprehensive guide will help you begin to plan your next trip! What are some of your road trip or travel essentials?


Face the facts, packing can be a pain! This guide to summer road trip essentials will help you pick choose what to take on your next epic adventure.
Face the facts, packing can be a pain! This guide to summer road trip essentials will help you pick choose what to take on your next epic adventure.

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