Who We Are

In 2010, Logan and Kallsy both moved to the small town in Arkansas to attend college – Kallsy, a sophomore transfer student, and Logan a freshman. We met, we became the best of friends, and we fell in love. But more on that later. Fast forward to the spring of 2011, Kallsy was planning to go on a mission trip to China, while Logan was planning to go on a mission trip to Australia. Due to unforeseen circumstances, China no longer became an option and it was at that moment when a member of the Australia mission team dropped out, creating an open spot for Kallsy. That summer in Australia and Fiji changed our perspectives on travel, the world, and ultimately shaped our relationship to what it is today. We realized that we wanted to have a lifetime filled with experiences, visiting places we had never been and kicked off our marriage with a honeymoon to Jamaica in 2014. While we currently grind the 9-5 lifestyle, we try to make the most of time-off and not only share our own story on Pages of Travel, but the stories of the beautiful places we visit, and the wonderful people we meet. We truly hope that in some way we can inspire you to travel with us and share your experiences as well!