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  • Japan Kyoto

    Our Thoughts On Monkey Park Iwatayama

    Monkey Park Iwatayama Kyoto, Japan Japan has many unique animal experiences like the Asahiyama Zoo in Hokkaido where you can view penguins waddling around right next to you, Owl Cafes where you…

  • Japan Technology

    Best Travel Apps for Japan

    With today’s technology, international travel has never been easier. When traveling to a foreign destination that you’ve never visited before, having a few travel applications can decrease stress and increase productivity…

  • Japan Tokyo

    Tokyo, Japan

    Welcome to the hustle & the neon lights! A Complete Itinerary for 5 days in Tokyo Accommodations Finding places to stay in Tokyo can be intimidating at first because the city…

  • Hiroshima Japan

    Hiroshima & Miyajima, Japan

    “This is our cry, this is our prayer, peace in the world.” Miyajima Island Hiroshima was a very emotionally humbling experience for us. We arrived on June 18th via Shinkansen.  First…

  • Japan Osaka

    Osaka, Japan

    3 Days in Osaka, Japan When we first arrived in Osaka, Kallsy was sick from our very turbulent 11 hour flight. Customs at Kansai was nearly care free minus the check-in area…

  • Japan Kyoto

    Kyoto, Japan

    Our Guide to Kyoto, Japan Kyoto is a vibrant city full of rich history, beautiful shrines, and Buddhist temples. The zen gardens cannot compare and formal traditions such as geisha and…